My Daughter’s Spelling Bee [Insert Catchy Slowgan Here]

Today Sissy competed in her school’s Kindergarten/First grade spelling bee.  This was the third and final level, preceded by a classroom competition which narrowed it down to 3 per class and an all-kindergarten competition which narrowed it down to 5 for the grade level.  Today she competed against the 4 other kindergartners and the top 5 first graders.

She did great!  She made it through 14 rounds, beating out 2 kindergartners and 2 first graders and taking 6th place!  By the time she was eliminated, they had reached the fourth grade word list.  Her downfall was the word “slogan,” which she spelled s-l-o-w-g-a-n.  As soon as she said the “w” a look of panic crossed her face, realizing she had just said the wrong letter but couldn’t take it back!  

We are so proud of her!  To celebrate, she got to pick a restaurant for her celebratory dinner, followed by ice cream for dessert and 2 rousing games of Candyland.  It was a very special night!


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