Space Unicorn Riding Backwards on a Pig

We have spent the last hour sitting with the kids on the couch watching the YouTube videos of Parry Gripp.  They are HYSTERICAL..and nothing beats Bubba’s uncontrollable full-belly laugh!  Here are a few of our favorites:

Baby Monkey (Riding Backwards on a Pig).  This one is just foolishly cute, and the song is REALLY catchy.  Be forewarned, you’ll be singing it the rest of the day!

Space Unicorn.  Why are unicorns always drawn flying through outer space?

Spaghetti Cat (I Weep for You).  I don’t know why this is so funny, but all of us were nearly crying.

Pile of Kittens (In My Mind).  This is like a sexy music video…starring a cat.  Oh, and a cat falling through the air.

Young Girl Talking About Herself.  You know this girl…and find her annoying.   And great to laugh at! 

Soccer Ball (In the Face).  I’m not usually a fan of AFV type videos, but the kid at the end of this video made me laugh out loud…and I rewound it several times just to see it again.