The Fam

 ME (30smthngdad): 31 years old.  Husband.  Father of 4.  High school theatre teacher/director.




Wifey (sarahrushly): 30 years old.  Wife. Stay-at-home mom.  Homeschool teacher.  Expert at all things religion…and all other things as well.  Woman of the century!




Sissy: 7 years old.  All around wiz-kid.  Artiste extraordinaire.  Bleeding-heart beauty.  Cheeseball.





Bubba:  6 years old.  Singer.  Athlete.  Owner of the best laugh ever.  Master drawer of aliens and dinosaurs.





The Demon (aka Peanut): The cutest toddler in the world.  Daredevil.  Messy Eater.  Possesser of Michael Keaton eyebrows.




The Angel (aka The Baby): Age 1.  Stinkbug.  Turtleface.


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